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Why Burnout Bio?

I am a professional person, owner of a small business, respected in my profession, active, happy, and productive for all outside appearances.

At a professional gathering in November, 2012, I was fortunate to experience several profound insights.  I realized that I felt completely overwhelmed by work, life, and relationships. After some introspection and reflection, I had a name for what I was feeling:  Burnout.

Turning to the Internets for information, I found many resources around the subject of caregiver burnout and professional burnout, especially among members of the clergy, educators, and business people.  There are plenty of blogs where the author just writes about how crummy she feels. I also found quite a flood useful articles from coaches and psychotherapists who had lists of actions to take to recover from burnout. Ordinarily, I might have gone into a state of overwhelm as I contemplated such an exhaustive survey of the literature. Instead, I felt clarity of purpose. I want to explore burnout in a different way.

As a person who values service, I remembered that I have been here — Burnout-ville — a couple of times before.  I realized that on this most recent trip, I arrived “here” after a prolonged period of focusing, almost exclusively, on the needs of others.  I know better, and I didn’t see it coming.  Somewhere on the way here, I completely lost track of myself.

Things are starting to get better — a LOT better, in fact.  I’d like to share my story with you about my journey back from burnout. I have a plan for the journey — a map, if you will — which I will share with you.  Actually, in the spirit of the Feldenkrais Method, my plan is to “learn while doing.”  That’s right, I’m gonna be winging it. Exploration and experimentation, reflection. Adjust the plan, repeat.  I have been guiding others in this process for the past 10 years. Now, in addition to being a teacher, I will become a true “Power User” of the Method.  This should be fun!

In the end, your map may not have the same stopovers as mine, nor the same destination.  However, I hope that you will learn how to make your own map, back to yourself.

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